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Three Part Q&A with Barrett........ Finding a Job in a Buyer's Market

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In part one of a three part Q&A, Barrett offers a little advice to those looking for jobs during tough economic times. And Barrett knows a thing or two about how corporations should handle employees, having spent time 16 years at SAS. So when Joyner has something to say about the job market and how people should prepare themselves for finding work, people take notice.
People looking for a new job in this tough economy need a different kind of HOPE. That is, having Honesty, displaying Ownership, being People oriented, and having Energy. The HOPE acronym is used by Barrett,  a former executive at SAS, when he talks with people who are out of work or seeking to change jobs. In this the second of a three-part Q&A, Joyner talks about revitalizing a career, building off a recent presentation he made to Tech Engage, a program designed to help retrain workers seeking new jobs or to re-launch careers.
What is happening at your company to develop and inspire leadership?
Young companies, such as Mi-Co, and established ones, such as SAS, foster learning in a number of ways. Barrett Joyner, a former executive at SAS and now vice president of sales and marketing at Mi-Co, talks about the importance of leadership development to the success of individuals–and to the firm.

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