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Barrett always enjoys wearing a hat at a sales meeting

Greg Nelson, PMP 
   North Carolina Chapter-Project Management Insittute Conference Chair

 “Barrett has a magical way of telling a story, making you laugh and creating personal meaning about the message of integrity, values and team commitment. His masterful style and energy leaves you refreshed and energized long after you’ve left the auditorium. ”

dancers picture
Combined they are worth $8 Billion and man, can they dance

Jim Tavernit
   Carolina Chapter, Association of Proposal Management        
Professionals (APMP) Program Chair
“We asked Barrett to speak because of his unique ability to talk high-tech in a manner that leaves the audience informed, entertained and even inspired. His comments on building fully aligned work teams definitely helps us improve our proposal development processes.”

Sidd Chopra
Tech Engage Conference, Master of Ceremonies
“Barrett's message of results through relationships in a business setting is not only full of useful ideas, the presentation generates a great deal of laughter.  He always manages to leave you smiling and feeling glad you met.”