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The Story Behind Bunkhouse Productions

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It Started with the Bunkhouse Boys 


The year is 1971 and Crazy Dave's Dad walked into 110 Mangum Dorm, took one quick look around and laughed, "It's the Bunkhouse!" From that time on, the UNC dorm room was the Bunkhouse and its inhabitants were simply the Bunkhouse Boys.
Why the Bunkhouse? Because one tower of beds with four bunks reached to the ceiling. And the Bunkhouse Boys?
Start with Crazy Dave and the Admiral, mix in a little Wazoo and a Cowboy, then add Magic Dick and Collins and you have the Bunkhouse Boys Extended.    
The Bunkhouse Boys don't see each other as much as they would like. Wazoo and Barrett get together for lunch a few times a year. Crazy moved to Cavalier country and the Admiral and Collins are in the Triangle and get togeher when they can. Magic sees the inside of a jail everyday, which isn't a surprise to the rest of the guys.

Bunkhouse circa 1985
Wazoo, Crazy. Barrett, Collins, Magic, Admiral

When Stephenie (UNC Class of 1973) and Barrett (UNC 1974) formed their company, Bunkhouse Productions had the right feel. Stephenie is the President of Bunkhouse Productions and Barrett serves as Secretary. Most of the money raised goes to the Magic Dick Defense Fund (OK, just kidding about this, Magic actually works in a prison but it sounds so much cooler if people think he has been arrested.
The Bunkhouse Boys--living a single wide life--but having double wide dreams.  

Before he gave speeches, Barrett was a tennis bum, check out this article from 1970